Investors in People (IIP) is a framework established by the UK government to help organisations optimise performance through excellent people management, with the prestigious accolade of being a recognised Investor in People being sought after by organisations of all shapes and sizes.

After a thorough assessment in late 2014 it was decided that Solution continue to be acknowledged as an Investor in People and, whilst operating in an industry with so much exposure to people, we here at Solution are particularly proud of the title.

At the time of the last assessment in 2011, Solution was still very much feeling the effects of the recession of a few years earlier – operating with a reduced task force comprising of the Directors and only a small number of other employees. However since then, a vast improvement of the construction industry has been a major contributor to some very positive signs of growth for the company. An exceptional performance in the last quarter of 2013 led to a record high of yearly sales for any year. This, combined with a substantial growth in staff numbers and healthy forecasts, outlines the strong position the business is currently in.

However considerable increase in productivity since our last IIP assessment has not resulted in any adverse effects on the internal people management at Solution, as our most recent assessment report indicates; “Feedback was positive from everyone interviewed about how they feel about their roles and the way they are managed and developed. There is a widespread view that things ‘on the up’ and the company will continue to prosper with opportunities for all under the leadership of Directors.”

Much of the assessment was based around staff interviews – some quotes from these are shown below:

‘There is something about the Directors that they share, they remember things, they care about people and show an interest in us. They are all very different but they share in the way they treat people’

 ‘We get plenty of feedback and pats on the back, feedback is always constructive and has been really helpful for me’ 

‘Everyone supports each other in giving advice’ 

‘I feel I have been nurtured and I have done well as a result, they have recognised me for my successes’

‘They have helped me out on a personal level’

‘Joining here was the best move I ever made’

Solution values IIP very highly, and it is easy to see the positive impact that following the Investors in People framework has on our company.