Solution Recruitment are excited to announce that they are now proud sponsors of the charity LandAid

LandAid – raise money to support charities that deliver life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future.


That so many do, and that hundreds will sleep rough in cities and towns across the UK, is a major challenge for all of us.

LandAid represent over 100 of the most influential businesses in the UK. Whether developers, constructors, or agents we are all leaders within the property industry.

Between us we support much charitable activity, but what unites us is our support for LandAid, the property industry charity.

Today we write to show our support for LandAid’s new ambition – to work with its supporters across the property industry, with other funders and charities, and with government to help tackle and end the scourge of youth homelessness.

We recognise the complex range of issues that can lead to young people becoming homeless: family breakdown; lack of housing; substance misuse, mental health problems; and a history of care to name but a few.

But, through the work of LandAid, we are determined to support charities across the UK and to play our part in helping to prevent, protect and provide for those young people, and to promote their cause however we can.

We live in very challenging times. There are limits to what central and local government can and will do. Business has no easy panacea for social problems, but it can play a significant part in helping to support a society in which we all are safe, housed, employed and fulfilled.

We are committed to helping end youth homelessness, are excited that our charity, LandAid, is determined to play its part in realising that ambition over the coming years.