Interview Reports – the 3rd dimension

Cultural fit is paramount to our Clients when undertaking the recruitment assignment, considering the time and money spent on the appointment of the chosen Candidate.

Equally, Candidates are eager to make the right career move so it’s essential that we have a clear picture of the personal attributes and capabilities of the Candidates we represent to ensure the best fit.

At Solution we pride ourselves on meeting as many Candidates as possible. This allows our Consultants to get a full understanding of the individual aspirations, needs and wants of a Candidate, whilst allowing us to understand their responsibilities, which are cross-referenced with the job brief.


Meeting Candidates offers the following benefits:


To the Candidates…

Meeting Candidates allows us to discuss each and every step of a Candidate’s qualifications, career path, promotions, development of the person and their reasons for moving. These relaxed yet informative meetings offer a face-to-face, 360 view of personal, behavioural and professional “characteristics” that cannot be grasped over the telephone or using Skype, Social Media or E-mail.

We have also found that it offers Candidates the opportunity to openly discuss how Solution will be representing them, who and why Solution will be presenting their details to, backed with a transparent, unbiased opinion on how every potential Client is different and how they may able to fulfill the Candidate’s next career move or to complete a fixed term assignment.

We offer our Candidates an overview of the market place for their specific division as well as a broad overview of the built environment gained from conversations with all of our Consultants across each discipline.

Finally, following a candid, honest and informative meeting, we also offer experienced, constructive advice and feedback. This is where improvements or alterations can be made. Fine-tuning an individual’s presentation skills and interview techniques to ensure that Candidates represent themselves in the best way possible, to secure either a permanent or a contract role.


To the Clients…

Clients benefit from Candidate Interview Reports for a variety of reasons.  From experience, Solution have found that a CV is a 2 dimensional document often offering very little additional information about the individual’s personal characteristics, behaviours, attributes, presentation and verbal communication skills that may only be able to be demonstrated in a 1st interview.  These honest and well structured reports offer Clients the opportunity to consider information in addition to the CV. Clients have benefitted from this insight as, in many cases, a Candidate’s mannerisms can be as important as their technical ability to perform in the workplace. Solution provides the 3rd dimension, allowing an insight into the individual that we are representing.

Most Clients will ask if we have met the Candidate. We have found that a clear yet concise report is extremely helpful when considering the Candidate for potential interview, saving our Client time and money in the overall recruitment process. Solution has also found benefits in having the opportunity to discuss job specifications, company culture, company structure, salary and benefit packages in front of the Candidates. We are able to answer questions and gauge Candidates’ reactions whilst sitting in front of them, offering our Consultants “first hand” knowledge on how they react, absorb and process information. This can offer a fantastic insight into the individual that pass on to the Client offering them more information when selecting individuals for interview. We have found that very few of our competitors offer this additional dimension and when our interview report accompany one of our CVs this really does make a difference and sets us apart from the rest.