The next generation…

As a proven multi-disciplined technical agency Solution have positioned themselves well over the last 11 years, across all corners of the building and design markets.

It’s fair to say that during the recession the Construction industry was not an attractive proposition for those seeking a College or University placement, since there was a shortage of opportunity within the industry.

So here we are some 4 years later and we are continually sharing our clients’ pain with regard to the current experience gap in middle management. The skill shortage on the industry production line has left a big void for those businesses with plans in place.

The demand for intermediate level candidates continues to rise but the supply tap is running dry.

Skill shortages appear to now have overtaken material shortages as the biggest constraint to the construction industry growth.

With many clients looking for growth and expansion they are now challenged with the lack of available talent at this level.

Quantity Surveying continues to suffer with many clients been able meet candidates in their 40’s and 30’s but with very few in their 20’s. It appears the industry is now storing up major problems as surveying is not the only profession this is happening to.

Surveying plays a pivotal role in the delivery of every construction project. Simply put, without surveyors, things don’t get built.

We are now hearing that many firms are turning down work due to the lack of available talent.

The next few years look like a real tipping point –  the pipeline of forthcoming major projects across infrastructure, construction and rail businesses will be tested on their resources to fulfill these planned projects.

Salaries are starting to outweigh experience as demand rises. This looks to continue.

The next generation is urgently needed for the industry to go forward with many now looking to invest in tailored training and development programmes, post graduate conversion courses to train in other disciplines, and partnerships with Universities in order to attract the fresh talent of tomorrow.

Interesting times and challenges ahead!


Simon Haupt