Why I think Brexit brings opportunity!

I am sure you are all getting as bored as I am with the word ‘Brexit’ by now; we have all had a life time to digest the news and quite frankly, there are more interesting things in the news. The world is not ending and things will sort themselves out – won’t they?

Well they might of course sort themselves out but the recent authoritative REC “Report on Jobs” for July 2016 makes for grim reading.

This survey, from mid-July, of recruiters across all sectors (from Blue Collar to Executive) states that “permanent placements have fallen at the sharpest rate in over seven years”.

The article describes that the UK jobs market endured a freefall in July with hiring falling to levels not seen since the 2008/2009 recession. The reason given is that the uncertainty means that employers are very nervous about committing to new recruits. Overall, demand has also declined sharply with construction being hit the hardest – great!

To make it even worse, employers that ARE still hiring are finding candidate shortages intensifying as people have decided to stay where they are rather than risk a job move.

So, everyone is saying that any recruitment agency within the built environment is going to find it very difficult in this tighter market – let me tell you they could not be further from the truth!

Tougher times like these present a great opportunity for the anti-commercial agencies like Solution. Being a 30 strong ‘boutique’ multi-disciplined agency means that we never have more than two experienced consultants within a certain sector. This means that there are never too many ‘mouths to feed’ which keeps the business lean and fluid whilst maintaining the personal touch with our clients.

Solution was successfully founded, built and grown on solid client relationships over the last 10 years and throughout tough times. This has established our brand and multi-disciplined services. This is proving priceless since clients have become selective in whom they place their roles with, which is music to our ears as Solution is the tried and trusted agency.

Although a number of our competitors have been forced to make redundancies, it has been the complete opposite here at Solution. We are actually making hirers and we now see an opportunity in the market place, just as we did in 2007. Solution was established in a recession and our business seems to thrive in tighter market conditions.

So although the general feeling is still a little doom and gloom, I strongly believe that businesses can still find positives within their respective market place.


Jason Bailey