Communication is key…

Who remembers the days long before Social Media advertising and E-mail, when employers had the time and breathing space to discuss their vacancies and when candidates would actually feel like they have received a personal service from recruiters? It was all about the phone and meeting people in order to build trusting relationships.

So much has changed within the recruitment world over the last 10 years with regard to the introduction of LinkedIn, Job Board Advertising, internal recruitment teams and mass PSL arrangements. Communication continues to suffer as a result. Communication is key for everyone and always will be.

In today’s world, candidates are getting continually hounded through LinkedIn messages by the mass of recruitment agencies that all claim to be head hunters and who have done little research to earn that title. Who is picking the phone up?

Recruiters all want exclusivity so why not earn the right first?

The good old days of a well written advertisement in a trade journal where suitable candidates would apply with their CV the day after it goes to press. We are all too well aware that those days are sadly long gone…yet recruitment businesses are continually trying this dated method to attract the best permanent candidate.

Here at Solution we continue the methods that this business was built on in 2006; meeting people and developing relationships whilst putting in the research to attract the best candidates.

It is proven time over that candidates are more receptive to a quality telephone approach, so it’s important to get away from LinkedIn “Inmails” and demonstrate the skills and ability of their business.
It has become abundantly clear that permanent recruiters going into 2017 will only earn fees, make placements, increase their commission, and build better relationships with both clients and candidates if they carry out detailed searches through physical communication.

At Solution Recruitment we have a dedicated and thorough training programme which is aimed at developing consultants’ skills through a headhunt search in order to find the level of candidates our clients demand.

Consultants within their infancy in recruitment will adapt very quickly to this approach as it’s how they get trained. However, the seasoned recruiter has to be realistic about a positive change and be prepared to bring this method into their recruitment armoury. Solution’s success demonstrates that we attract the right personality who can carry out this method.


Phil Leggatt