Jamie Argyle, a Building Services Recruitment specialist shares what it’s like being a Recruitment Consultant at Solution.

Describe your career to date:

I’ve worked in Building Services Recruitment for 11 years, most of that time has been spent in London. I’ve worked with some real characters, it’s amazing how many different personalities work in Recruitment.

What do you do on a normal day?

My days are spent finding out what exciting projects our clients are working on. We have some great relationships with our clients and spend time in their offices getting a fantastic insight to the work they undertake and the make-up of the team. We do this to be able to give as much information as possible to the candidates we speak with. I’d never had a coffee before I started in Recruitment, now most days I am in a coffee shop somewhere in London meeting candidates to understand how their career is progressing, and talking about the opportunities and projects our clients have discussed with us.

How do you plan your days?

No two days are the same in Recruitment. I focus on delivering the best possible candidates to our clients, and presenting the best career opportunities to our candidates. I focus my days on working on the latest positions, and producing a shortlist of candidates to approach for those vacancies. Presentation is really important, so from that shortlist I look to arrange to meet with the top 3 or 4 candidates for the vacancy to present them the role. I then produce an interview report to submit to the client, this present the individual’s personality traits and career highlights to assist them in identifying how that Engineer could be a great fit for their role.

What do you enjoy most about working at Solution?

After spending over a decade in Recruitment it’s amazing how many Recruitment Agencies follow the same process and offer very little difference in service to their competitors. What struck me about Solution is how dynamic the business is, we are all encouraged to meet as many people as possible, including at industry events such as MIPIM, the CIBSE awards and various Architectural Awards to name a few, which have been great networking events. We have also held social events such as BBQ’s at our office and drinks evenings to meet new people and catch up with long standing contacts.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

Our biggest challenge is dealing with instances where another agent has gotten hold of a candidate’s CV and spread it across the market. Fortunately, the work we do in meeting the candidates and producing the interview reports go a long way to reassuring our clients we are operating in the most efficient and professional way.

What is an interesting story about a client/candidate interaction you had?

One of my clients are a company I’ve worked with for around 8 years. In that time I’ve supported them in growing from a small practice of just over 20 with history of struggling to recruit, to a team of over 55. I forged strong relationships with their Directors and worked with them to give insight to a benefits package that would compete with the industry standard. The Directors valued my input and industry knowledge and I gave constructive and well founded feedback on salary market trends, potential new office locations and how that could impact on securing talent, along with company branding. In the past few years they have moved to spacious and bright new offices near a mainline station, have a dynamic and well laid out new website and a competitive benefits package. It is something I am very proud to have helped play a part in, helping grow the team and help raise the profile of the business.

What do you think are the most important skills needed to do your job?

Dedication, a genuine interest in the market you recruit in and a passion to succeed.

What is the most difficult thing you have had to deal with in your role? How did you overcome it?

I worked with an Engineer who wanted to relocate from Portugal to the UK. I placed them in a role with an international consultancy in London which they greatly enjoyed, however, after 9 months due to a downturn they were let go. With their first Christmas in London fast approaching, I spoke to each and every consultancy in London to help find them a new role. A week before Christmas I managed to find a new role for them to start in the new year.

Is there a client or candidate experience you are most proud of?

Everything I do, I do with the same dedication, honesty and support to clients and candidates. I’m proud of all the placements I have made and the feedback given by the candidates and clients on the work I have done. Many of the candidates I have placed have gone on to become clients due to their career progression.